Welcome to our Programmatic, Performance Media & Data Specialist

The Suits Team here at Nakama are very happy to announce the latest edition to their team, Christian Wandel, or “Krillie” as he is more fondly known, who is going to focus on helping clients and candidates across new emerging roles within Programmatics, Performance Media & Data.

Krillie 16 years of experience taking on the opportunities and challenges of the Digital Media industry and has been working with more or less every aspect of the online market – From Affiliate marketing, programmatic/RTB, user and traffic analysis to strategies, (e-) sales and product development. Translating data into practical information used for decision making has always been the core of his work and always done with a holistic and practical approach.

 On a more personal note, Krillie is passionate about what he does and love learning and working with other passionate people.

He is always looking for candidates within:

– Programmatic

– Data/analysis


– Adops

 So if you are interested in exchanging knowledge about the industry, if you are looking for a new opportunity or if you are just curious about the possibilities that are out there, please feel free to get in touch. You can reach Krillie at cwandel@nakamasydney.com or on 0411 382 867 or also via Linkedin


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